Jenny Hope

Writer.  Poet.  Woman with a tree  thing.

The V's

The V's

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The Forest Seamstress

Jenny also performs as one of The Vís with Catherine Crosswell, Sarah James and Ruth Stacey.

The Vís became from a slip of the tongue between five female poets when discussing the villanelle in late 2011, this led to the birth of their first form - a villanelle hybrid with some miaou thrown in Ė and is filthy, fun, feminist (just a bit) and all in the light-hearted poetic celebration of womanhood!

The Vís have performed at The Boarís Head, Kidderminster in 2012, and this year (2013) performed with the Decadent Divas at Ledbury Poetry Festival to a sold-out Burgage Hall. The Decadent Divas are Maggie Doyle, Charlie Jordan, Lorna Meehan and Laura Yates.

Photos: Richard Austen

Hereís one of my poems from the show:

Cutting the Rose:

Full summer and a blood-rose waits
to share her scent, her taste
while he stands with a silver blade.
Full summer and a blood-rose waits
across the lawn, her life unmade.
He cuts her stem, lays her to waste.
Full summer and a blood-rose waits
to share her scent, her taste.

Jenny Hope